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A well-known place to find a highly comfortable and eye-catching collection of Pillows, Mattresses and Quilted Covers. 

Choose The Right Mattress And Pillow

Do you toss and turn in sleep?
Or you wake up with sore back?
Does your mattress look worn?

If you say yes, then it is the right time for you to buy a new mattress & pillow. Choosing appropriate mattress depends on individual's own interest regarding its color, appearance or fabric quality. One factor which is always common to every one is comfort ability. Your health depends on how well you sleep your eight hours with comfort.  

So, be careful in choosing mattress & pillow. We, Lambiya Enterprises introduce ourselves in the market with a remarkable collection of Mattress, Bed Mattress, Double Bed Mattress and Quilted Cover. Undoubtedly, we have varieties which will give you a lot of options to choose for. Designed with smooth fabrics, these mattress are known best for their optimum softness. Also, when it comes to comfort, our pillows & covers are among the best. 

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